Adaptive Clothing

Our collection features classic yet contemporary silhouettes challenge the mainstream by addressing the tipping point for people with disabilities from young-onset to late-onset. Inspired the construction of garment processes as well as shape, colour and texture of the collection, offering multiple pockets, positioned at different angles to enable access for people with varying needs, with the ability to calm, soothe and appease with comfort. Easy fastenings relieve the stress from fastidious components like buttons and zips, allows people to dress with restricted mobility. The physical interaction with the garment is authentic further ensured functionality. 

Wearable Technology

Researching on the extraordinary combination of textile and electronic fabrication technologies that can add value to the wearer by sensing stimuli from the environment, reacting and adapting to them by the integration of functionalities in the textile structure. Integration of Wearable technology into the garments, utilising the techniques from all aspects of textile design construction, performance and easily washable and breathable fabrics made to ensure high performance. The basis for innovation in this area will be new knowledge and its application towards sustainable production and consumption patterns.