[R E S E T] reinvents conservative adaptive clothing by providing a sense of freedom and a new vision. Aims to serve as an inspiration and generates a new approach to transforming adaptive clothing for ageing and mobility challenge people. It promotes design thinking as fundamental to progressive social change and is a passionate proponent of applying social impact and human-centred design research to international aid and development work. 

Clothing plays an important part of living well with differently-abled, as the choice of clothes, in particular, can affect symptoms. Restrictive clothes and fabrics can exasperate or trigger the freeze response or other symptoms.


[R E S E T] directly engage with ageing communities and disability groups to co-design dressing solutions. The goal is to improve their lives substantially by creating customised solutions keeping in mind individual’s needs, which includes the all-important "look" and "self-confidence" factors alongside that of functionality. 

Researching on new innovative products with a combination of wearable technology and fashion are the ways through which [R E S E T] will provide solutions. Intensive analysis of materials will focus on developing new multifunctional surfaces and materials with tailored properties and predictable performance for new products and processes.

[R E S E T]


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